Video Ad Server
for Web, Mobile & OTT platforms

Video Ad Server for Publishers and Ad Networks. Supports programmatic bidding (GAM, Prebid, APS), direct VAST tags, Instream/Outstream video ads. Serve video ads to any VAST Player, manage supply/demand tags in one centralized video ad serving platform.

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You choose, we deliver

We support you in any way you need, PMP, Preferred, Third party tags or open market and available through:

  • Xandr (AppNexus)
  • OpenX
  • PubMatic
  • Index Exchange
  • Prebid
  • Amazon Publisher Services
  • Yahoo Ads
  • Magnite (Rubicon)
  • Google Ad Manager (GAM)
  • SpotX
  • AdForm
  • The Trade Desk

A Complete Video Ad Serving Platform to Maximize Revenue

Monetize every page on your website by running video ads.

  • Integrate using VAST, VAST/VPAID, Prebid and SDK
  • Serve video ads to any VAST Player

Yield Management & Video Ad Serving

Manage your video advertising business with total control and complete visibility.

Video Header Bidding

Meet Broad/Waterfall — our proprietary unified auction system for supply/demand tags.

Real-Time, Actionable Analytics

Real-time analytics for active advertising business managers.

Inventory Router

Precision routing and A/B testing for your inventory.

Brand Safety & Transparency

Ensuring a clean, safe environment for marketers.

Video Ad Server Features

  • Supports VAST/VPAID, GAM, Programmatic, Header Bidding/OpenRTB (Real Time Bidding), Instream/Outstream, Prebid, APS (Amazon Publisher Services)
  • Wide range of supply and demand side targeting: Country, IP, Domain, App Name and App Bundle, Player Size, Device, Browser, OS, Supply Capping, Frequency Capping, Key-Value
  • Demand side Broad/Waterfall auction for direct VAST tags and Header Bidding (54 Prebid adapters + APS): Sorted by Tiers and Priorities
  • Robust reporting & analytics (including real-time stats)
  • Custom feature development upon request

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