Video Ad Serving Platform

Take full control of your video advertising with AdServe – the world's leading independent ad serving platform.

AdServe is a video ad serving platform that handles tens of billions of ad requests per day. The AdServe platform collects video advertising opportunities from a network of publishers, distributes them to real-time bidders, and serves the winning ads on the publishers’ properties—all in under 100 milliseconds. Demand and supply-side customers are then able to optimize their current and future advertising allocations with AdServe’s dashboard-rich UI, which provides a transparent view of the market through granular, real-time campaign metrics.

Video Ad Server

As a video-first ad server, the AdServe platform is capable of supporting the full range of businesses.

Monetize your Video Ad Inventory

For every opportunity created, AdServe will generate more revenue. Our experience in tech and advertising makes that difference.